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Cemetery Drive- My Chemical Romance

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Chamo San

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Works of art by Travis Braun

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Elif Varol Ergen

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Political Post Addressing Ukraine



I am Ukrainian.

And while I have only discussed this partially with one of my good friends, @theorangepancake, I think I just need to get this off of my chest.

We are NOT neo-nazis, as many Tumblr users have seemed to make the assumption throught #Ukraine posts. We are…

I completely agree with everything except the civil anarchy part. We may have different perspectives - after all, Ukraine is a big country and the situation in the regions differs. I now live in Kyiv, the capitol, and I can assure you people are peaceful here and very organised.

[EDIT. I looked through your blog and it seems like you actually live in USA. Well that explains a lot. In that case, please don’t make such harsh statements. We do have a working government now, and the president elections will be this spring. For now the situation is pretty much in control of the government, except Crimea and some eastern regions where separatists are most active.]

Anyway, wherever you are, please stay safe and strong. This is a very difficult and very important time for us, but I believe it will all end well. Our country will come out of this stronger than ever. Слава Україні.

Героям Слава!


To my fellow nominees. I’m so proud to stand alongside you and to the Academy. Thank you.

In 1971. Bossier City, Louisiana.  A teenage girl finds out she’s pregnant with her second child. She’s a high school drop out. A single mom. But against all odds, she manages to make a better life for herself and her children. She teaches them to be creative. To work hard. And reach for the impossible. That girl is my mother and she’s here tonight. Mom, I love you thank you for teaching me to dream.

To my brother, Shannon. Thank you for sharing the incredible adventure with me that is Thirty Seconds To Mars. You are a true artist and the best big brother in the world.

To all the dreamers around the world watching this right now, from the Ukraine to Venezuela – We think of you as you struggle to bring to life the dreams that fill your heart. The impossible is possible, and we believe.

To the amazing Focus Features, Jean Marc. Matthew. Jennifer. The entire Dallas Buyers team. Mick Sullivan. Jim Toth. Robin Baum. Jason Weinberg. Emma Ludbrook and Cali Adams. Thank you for the faith.

This is for the 36 million brave souls who lost their lives to AIDS.

And to anyone who ever felt injustice because of who they are or who they love. Tonight, I stand before the world, with you and for you.

Fun fact: Russian TV didn’t broadcast Oscars live, for the first time in the history of modern Russia. They did show it a day later in record. And they cut his words about Ukraine out. So not surprised.

*he’s still a dick to trans girls though*

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With your feet on the air and your head on the ground…
My magic pills.